ENVIROTECH Introducing Quality product from ECHO BARRIER

Portable noise barrier with easy installation, light in weight and durable

Echo Barrier | Temporary Noise Barrier | Construction Site Noise Barrier

Envirotech introduce a new generation noise control product, highly efficient and light-weight noise barrier ECHO BARRIER H9 specifically designed for noise control purposes at construction sites (even in outdoor and rough conditions, re-usable). ECHO BARRIER has been globally used as a portable noise control
The ECHO Barrier H9™ is a portable acoustic barrier that offers excellent noise reduction and absorption. Effective in the harshest environments. The Echo barrier H9 is durable, lightweight, water, fire, UV and temperature resistant.

ECHO BARRIER Noise Control System is designed to absorb sound (so removing noise energy from the system - particularly important when you are working inside an enclosed structure with a roof), rather than just reflecting it and have been independently proven to reduce noise by up to 43dB in the laboratory, and 15-32dB in different field conditions.
To give you an idea, 15-30dB is a 95%-99.99% sound energy reduction which results in the noise created 'sounding' 60-88% quieter to the human ear.

Echo Barrier

Why noise mitigation?

Reduce costs:

For every 1dB in noise reduction, job sites can save $100 per worker on worker compensation.

Reputation & responsibility:

Minimise noise complaints and improve reputation as a responsible contractor while extending work hours.


Meet standards set by federal, regional, and local regulators, and satisfy OSHA & NIOSH impending update to noise abatement regulation.

Estimated that

900 million people will have disabling hearing loss by 2050.

High-quality materials and construction

Echo barrier specification

Where is noise mitigation needed?

Echo barrier - Construction site Noise Barrier

Outstanding Durability, Independently Certified

Echo barrier - Temporary Noise Barrier

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Key Benefits:-

  Echo Barrier’s patented Acoustic technology, offers noise reduction between 10 to 32 dB in field conditions.
  H9 Barrier panels are readily fitted onto standard fencing, perimeter fencing, plywood fencing, metal panels, scaffolding or any existing structure that can bear the increased load.
   Light in weight (5.5 kg).
  Safe to handle, no hazardous material can be fitted with reflector strips for dark areas.
   Do not absorb water when exposed to heavy rain or while jet-washed.
  Rugged PVC exterior and heavy duty eyelets/grommets, designed for durability under tough conditions.
  Award winning noise barrier panels.
  Maximum acoustical performance
  All products independently tested (STC 37 above, NRC 0.95 above)
  Weather & Graffiti resistant
  Different colours selection

Application Areas: -

Being a portable and lightweight noise barrier, Echo Barrier - H9 has wide application range:

   Oil & Gas.
   Road and Rails.
   Maintenance Activities.
   Outdoor & Indoor Events.
   Temporary Noise Barrier for Equipment’s operating in open environment.
   Other Areas like hospital, schools, airports, etc.